CPE Summer Course
For those of you who want to keep honing their skills and get a sense of closure, we present the CPE summer course!

Finish the Expert Proficiency book with Julie Stolyarchuk and Natalia Egorova in 6 weeks.
You will be able to:

⭐ Practise all four skills with proficient peers and assiduous tutors;
⭐ Enjoy access to a bespoke selection of Quizlet sets;
⭐ Write and peer assess a CPE essay and article;
⭐ Become more erudite and eloquent on the topics of fitness and nutrition;
⭐ Explore actionable ideas about business and negotiation;
⭐ Feel the satisfaction of completing the coursebook from A to Z.
Format: 1 lesson + 1 speaking club each week

Dates: July 5 – August 11

Course duration: 6 weeks

Tuesday + Thursday at 10:00
Tuesday + Thursday at 12:00
Акцепт оферты от 21.03.2022 г. за услуги доп. образования
CPE Standard
Расписание занятий
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