FCE Summer Course
For those of you who can't get enough of learning and want to keep honing their skills, we present the FCE summer course!

Finish the Expert First book with Yuliya Novikova in 8 weeks.
You will be able to:

⭐ Practise all four skills with your peers;
⭐Write and peer assess an e-mail;
⭐Enjoy access to Quizlet sets;
⭐Become more knowledgeable and eloquent about the media, well-being and travelling.;
⭐Feel the satisfaction of completing the coursebook from A to Z.
Format: 1 lesson each week
Dates: July 5– August 24
Course duration: 8 weeks

Tuesday at 19:00
Wednesday at 12:30
Акцепт оферты от 21.03.2022 г. за услуги доп. образования
FCE Standard
Расписание занятий
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